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Travel VUDA

Creating Unique Travel Opportunities for Women.
Live your dream. Nourish your soul. Open your mind. Awaken your sense of adventure. Embrace the unknown.

Whatever your reason for seeking a unique holiday experience, whether it is for adventure, a bit of luxury, much-needed relaxation or to take a leap out of your comfort zone, Travel VUDA's small-group women-only tours are the ideal way for women to travel safely and enjoyably amongst the company of like-minded, excitement-seeking travel lovers.



Very Unique
Embracing the true travel philosophy of intrepid exploration, Travel VUDA is all about authentic experiences and cultural immersion - but we do it in style! Soak in the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of your dream destination: rub shoulders with locals, open your eyes to thrilling new adventures, discover living history and create unforgettable memories with friends, old and new.

Enjoy your holiday without the stress of planning - all the hard work is done for you! Our travel experiences are tailored to suit the female traveller with successful itineraries carefully created specifically with women in mind. They incorporate destination highlights, enriching cultural experiences, eye-opening encounters combined with plenty of lady luxury: shopping, day spas, relaxation, cooking classes, cocktails and a heel-kicking good time!

Experiencing the world with a group of other women under the guidance of an experienced tour leader allows you the confidence to take that intrepid step out of your comfort zone - turn left instead of right; try the local fare; take the path a little less travelled and be rewarded with a new perspective of the world, and of yourself.

A bit of adventure, a splash of luxury, a heap of culture, a taste of exotic cuisine = one very unique designer adventure!

"I think travelling is such an eye-opening experience - to be able to see the world and everything it has to offer.
At Travel VUDA we are experienced travellers and want to share our love of the world with you.  We stand by our name - Very Unique Designer Adventures for women."

- Kylee Flegg, Owner

Kylee Flegg - Travel VUDA